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                                                          Solo Repertoire   |  Concerto Repertoire  |  Chamber Music Repertoire
                           Major works in Solo Repertoire
   Partita no.2 in C minor
   Partita no.3 in A minor
   Partita no.5 in G major
   Preludes & Fuges from WTK - selection
   'Goldberg' Variations
   Organ Fantasy & Fuge BWV 542 in G minor
   Sonata K.280 in F major
   Sonata K.281 in B flat major
   Sonata K.332 in F major
   Sonata K.309 in C major
   Sonata K.596 in D major 
   Sonataop.2 no.3
   Sonata op.10 no.1 C minor 
   Sonataop.13 "Pathetique"
   Sonataop.27 no.2, "Moonlight"
   Sonataop.28 "Pastoral
   Sonataop.31 no.2
   Sonataop.31 no.3
   Rondo op.51 no.1 in C major
   32 Variations in C minor
   Sonata in F sharp minor D.571
   Sonata in C minor D.958
   Impromptu op.90
   Gretchen am Spinnrade
   Die junge None
   Standhen von Shakespeare
Songs without words - selection
   Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso op.14

   Ballade no.1 in G minor op.23
   Ballade no.3 in A flat major op.47
   Ballade no.4 in F minor op.52
   Scherzo no.2 in B flat minor op.31
   Scherzo no.4 in E major op.54
   Sonata no.3 op.58 in B minor
   Andante spianato and Grand Polonaise brilliante op.22 
   Polonaise-Fantasie op.61
   Etudes, Waltzes, Mazurkas, Nocturnes –Large selections
   From Annees de Pelerinage - Italy:
              Sonetto 104 del Petrarca
              Après une Lecture de Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata
   Etude d'exécution transcendante no.5 “Feux follets” 
   Etuded'exécution transcendante no.10 in F minor
   Etude de Concert no.3 “Un Sospiro”
   Papillons op.2 
   Kreisleriana op.16 
   Humoresque op.20 
   Fantasy op.28 in B minor
   Preludes, Etudes - selections
   Sonata no.2 op.14 in D minor
   Sonata no.1 op.28 in D minor
   Sonata no.2 op.36 (1931 version)
   Preludes op.23 & 32 - selections
   Etudes Tableux op.39 – selections
   “El Corpus en Sevilla”, from Iberia
    Zvi Avni (Israeli Composer) 
   "From my diary" (2001) 
                               Concerto Repertoire List




           Concerto K.414 in A major

           Concerto K. 449 E flat Major

           Concerto K.482 in E flat Major

           Concerto K.491 in C minor

           Concerto K.503 in C major

           Concerto for 2 pianos K.356 E flat major



           Concerto No.1 op.15 in C major

           Concerto No.2 op.19 in B flat major

           Concerto No.3 op.37 in C minor

           Triple Concerto in C major op.56

           Choral Fantasy op.87


           Concerto No.1 op.11 in E minor

           Concerto No.2 op.21 in F minor

           Concerto in A minor
           Concerto No.2 in B flat major, op.83



Concerto No.3 op.26 in C major

           Concerto No.1 op.1 in F sharp minor

           Concerto No.2 op.18 in C minor

           Concerto No.3 op.30 in D minor

           Anton Rubinstein
           Concerto no.4 op.70 in D minor


           V. Szpilman
           Concertino (1939)


           Concerto No.1 op.35 in C minor


  Chamber Music, Vocal, Piano 4 hands & 2 Pianos Repertoire

T. Vitali
Chaconne for Violin and Piano in G minor
Violin Sonata in G major K.379
Violin Sonata in B flat major K.454
Piano Trio in E major K.542
Piano Trio in C major K.548
Piano Quartet in G minor K.478
Piano Quartet in E flat major K.493
Piano Sonata for 4 hands in C major K.521
Violin Sonata op.24 in F major “Spring”
Cello Sonata no.2 in G minor
Cello Sonata no.3 in A major
Cello Sonata no.4 in C major
Trio Op. 121a, "Kakadu Variations”
Fantasy Brilliante on themes by Schubert for Horn and Piano op.339
'Ouverture characteristique et brillante' op.54 in B minor for piano in 4 hands
Sonata "Per Arpeggione"
Piano Trio op.100 in E flat major
"Trout" Quintet D.667
"Eine Leichenphantasie" D.7 for Voice and Piano
Fantasy for piano in 4 hands D.940
Lebensstürme D. 947 for piano in 4 hands
Introduction and Polonaise Brilliante for Cello and Piano op.5
Songs for Voice and Piano op.74

Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major (1838)
Piano Trio in D minor op.49
Piano Trio in C minor op.66

Violin Sonata op.105 in A minor
"Marchenbilder" op.113
Adagio and Allegro op.70
Fantasy pieces op.73
3 Romanzen op.94
Five pieces in folkstyle for Cello and Piano op.102
Piano Trio in D minor op.63
Piano Quartet in E flat op. 47
"Bilder Aus Osten" op.66, piano 4 hands
Polonaises for 4 hands – selection
Violin Sonata op.78 in G major
Violin Sonata op.100 in A major
Clarinet Sonata op.120 no.1 in F minor
Clarinet Sonata op. 120 no.2 in E flat major
Cello Sonata in E minor op.38
Cello Sonata in F major op.99
Piano Trio in B, op.8
Piano Trio in C major, op.87
Clarinet Trio op.114
Piano Quartet in G minor op.25
Piano Quartet in A major op.26 
Piano Quartet in C minor, op.60
Piano Quintet in F minor, op.34
Waltzes for piano in 4 hands op.39
Piano quartet op.47 – Arr. for piano in 4 hands
6 Etudes in Canonic form op.56 for 2 pianos
Hungarian Raphsody no.2, piano 4 hands
Piano Quintet in A op. 81
Violin Sonata op.13 in F major
Violin Sonata op.45 in C minor
Cello Sonata op.36 in A minor
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano in G major op.168
Sonata for Piano and Violin in D minor op.75
Piano Trio in F major op.18
Violin Sonata in A
Poeme for Violin and Piano
Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Quartet in D major op.21

Violin Sonata
Cello Sonata no.1 in D minor
"Petite Suite", Piano 4 hands
Violin Sonata no.1 op.13 in A major
Violin Sonata
Tzigane, for Violin and Piano

Sonata for Flute and Piano
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
Sonata for Oboe and Piano
“Des Knaben Wunderhorn”
“Ruckert Lieder”
Piano Quartet Movement (1876)
R. Strauss
Violin Sonata op.18 in E flat major
Cello Sonata op.6
Piano Quartet op.13 in C minor
Piano Trio op.50 in A minor
"Nutcracker" suite for piano in 4 hands

Piano trio in D minor op. 32
Cello Sonata in G minor op.19
Trio Elegiaque no.1 in G minor
Trio Elegiaque no.2 in D minor
Suite for 2 pianos op.5
Suite for 2 pianos op.17
Violin Sonata no.1 op.80 in F minor
Violin Sonata no.2 op.94
Cello Sonata op.119 in C major
Cello Sonata in D minor op.40
Piano Trio no.2 in E minor op.67

Divertmento for violin and piano
Three movements from "Petrushka", 2 piano version by Victor Babin
"Rite Of Spring", piano 4 hands version by the composer

Cello Sonata op.6

Cello Sonata (1948)
Max Reger
Cello Sonata op.5
Viola Sonata op.11 no.4
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello & Piano
De Falla
"Suite Populaire Espagnole" for Violin and Piano
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